23-year-old South African artist and songwriter, Bobbi Fallon has a gift for connecting with people on a deep emotional level. She brings out the raw intensity in us through the bending and embellishment of notes, the push and pull of dynamics, honest lyrics, and human topics. Bobbi loves to encapsulate her audience with her cheeky yet mysterious demeanour on stage and as a form of catharsis for both her and her audience, she tells her life stories through the magic that is music.

At an astonishingly young age she connected and identified with the old legends of jazz. She is a natural entertainer and it is clear that the stage is home to her. Family and friends were her first audience and on any elevated platform she would roll out a performance at any given moment.

Among Bobbi’s inspirations are Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. Bobbi’s music has matured into an amalgamation of pop, soul, rock, and blues. Bobbi strongly believes that music has the power to change and uplift – be it as a deeply emotional and soothing balm or a tune that will get your heart racing on the dance floor. It is her greatest wish to give her audience a spectrum of musical experiences that light their spirits on fire.

Bobbi’s love for collaboration and her soulful vocals has led her to work with wonderful musicians in the Dance Music realm. Her collaborative dance track “One Night” with Kasango under her original artist’s name “Jamie Fallon Smith” caught the attention of Black Coffee and landed a spot on his "Music is King 2019" album. Since, she has collaborated with other DJ’s such as Vanco with whom she performed their track “Suddenly” at Ultra Festival South Africa 2020. Bobbi believes fully in the therapy and release that Dance Music brings to audiences all over the world.

Bobbi always dreamed of studying music and surrounding herself with world-class musicians and creators. With determination, this became a reality when she was awarded a scholarship to attend the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, where she graduated with a songwriting degree in December 2020.

During her studies, she gained mentorship from music industry giants, sculpting her into the artist she is today. One of her mentors includes multi-Grammy nominated musician, composer and producer Rodney Alejandro who has collaborated with the likes of The Script, Quincy Jones, Destiny’s Child, Sting, Fergie, Ray Charles and more. Rodney plays a major part in guiding Bobbi as an artist and collaborating on her original music.

Bobbi’s debut single “I Won’t Stand in Your Way” was arranged and produced by Rodney Alejandro. They have been working with heart and soul on this track as well as future releases and cannot wait to share what they have in store.

“I Won’t Stand in Your Way” tells the story of the sacrifices people make in order to pursue their dreams and passions and immerse themselves fully into their purpose. Some of these sacrifices will be relationships ending to allow new beginnings, stepping out of comfort zones into new and unfamiliar terrains. Bobbi is at that poignant moment in her life, leaving her home and family in South Africa to come to the United States to pursue her life’s passion – music.

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